Naked restaurant The Bunyadi launched in LondonĀ 

Naked restaurant The Bunyadi launched in London

The bunyadi, a restaurant with totally extra-ordinary concept opens in London, arousing curiosity about how the things are going inside.

The idea of naked restaurant is rooted in similarity relations between raw or peeled foods and naked people.

Since it is a vip service venue, the restaurant requires reservation which includes full briefing about the concept. However the following video might give you an detailed idea about the restaurant.

Betting bonuses are simply traps

betting bonuses

Betting bonuses are simply traps

You may have seen some of those betting campaigns offering %100 bonus and though it was an opportunity. But the truth is not as innocent as you think.

Requierements asked for betting bonuses leads us to think that bonuses are nothing more than simple traps used to attract bettors. Especially conversion conditions imposed for withdrawal eligibility, makes it imposible to succeed and the process is usually end up in a capital loss.

Advertisement images of betting campaigns generally contain bonus offers, which easily can catch attention. The worse is that those ads are almost on one third of websites. Therefore, everyone , even those not interested in betting or gambling are directly exposed to a trap seemingly profitable.

Consequently, beware of the fact that betting bonuses do not necessarily mean that you will be the one who comes out ahead.


Helpful tips for healthy teeth

The helpful tips for healthy teeth we are about to list here, will help you maintain healthy state of your teeth if implemented literally.

Periodic dentist check-ups

Having periodic dentist check-ups provides a base for timely intervention in cases of dental issues such as tooth decay, gingival recession or bleeding.

Brushing teeth at least 2 times a day

In order to stop reproduction of bacterias that cause bad breath and toth decay, brushing teeth at least 2 times a day is an effective way.

Staying away from acidic beverages

Acidic beverages have an abrasive effect on tooth enamel. Therefore strong and solid structure of teeth weakens and teeth eruptin and decay might be experienced as a result.

In addition to the tips above, it is also recommended not to use teeth to crack nuts or open crown caps.